Albatross to Black Hawk

A History of RAAF No. 9 Squadron

Herewith, a collection of historical words and images that reveal some of the joys and tragedies experienced from operating seaplanes, float planes and single-engine jet helicopters in the most harsh and challenging aviation environments in peace and war during No. 9 Squadron’s forty seven years’ of Royal Australian Air Force service.

For authenticity, the various formats of members’ contributions have not been altered.

Prepared to enhance Australian Air Force history and for the benefit of ex No. 9 Squadron RAAF service personnel, families, descendants and affiliates.

Graeme Chalmers

Author and Researcher

No. 9 Squadron RAAF Association Inc. 11 November 2015

Albatross To Black Hawk: The History of 9 Squadron RAAF.
This book covers the history of 9 Squadron from 1939 to 1989: WWII, Vietnam, SE Asia, SW Pacific, and Australia. Graeme Chalmers, primary author and researcher, and many veterans of 9 Squadron have produced a complete history of the squadron in a downloadable PDF. 

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1925 – December 1944



1962 – December 1971



1972 – 14 February 1989


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A large number of supporters contributed to the project in many ways.

No.9 SQUADRON Assoc. operational history supporters and contributors* of material/media

ACM Sir Angus Houston AK AFC (Ret’d) PATRON
Office of Air Force History*
RAAF Museum, Point Cook
Department of Veterans’ Affairs
RAAF Association
Australian Special Air Services Association*
Al Bridges*
John Hamilton ex RNZAF
Ross ‘Bags’ Mathieson*
Brian and Diane Dirou1
Ken Bischof*
Pete Bradford
John Chesterfield
Kerry and Helen Cook*
Don Porter*
Warren Doughty*
Graham Dutton*
Ian Fogarty
Fred Brown
Graham Brammer ASASA
Warren Duff*
Ted Bach
Kev Barrington
Bruce and Judy Lane
Blue Wilde
Mick Castles*
Chris Bohr
Pete Davidson
Don Grieve*
Peter Drury
Chris Ellis
Greg Forbes
Doug Gibbons ASASA
Bob Grandin*
RAAF Aviation Heritage Centre
National Archives of Australia*
Alison Stanley Deputy Commissioner DVA QLD
Naval Association of Australia
Finding the Sydney Foundation*
Peter ‘Woofy’ Armstrong
Guy Badgery
Barry Bircham
Chris Beatty
Grant Boyter
Charles Brown
Ian Clark ex RNZAF*
Dennis Gaskell ASASA
Peter and Dorothy Hales
John Dunn
Bob Erickson
Simon Ford
Graeme and Heather Chalmers*
Allen Greig
Geoff ‘Guppy’ Rich
Brindley Haylock
Helen Vidler*
John Ison ASASA
John Armstrong
Kev Green*
Nick Leray-Meyer*
Max and Sandi Baxter*
Bob McInnes
Dick Meisenhelter ASASA
Ron Mitchell*
Nev Farley ASASA
Peter Coy
Col Phillips
Bob’Rags’ and Shaun Redman*
Peter Robinson*
Ron Kunde
Ray Scott*
Kev Sharpley*
Pete Smith
Bob ‘Spida’ Rider
Bob Stephens*
David Streatfield*
Lawrie Taylor
Hedley Thomas*
Ray Townsend
Bob Treloar
Pam Walford
Mac Weller*
Harley Stanton
Ian ‘TEX’ Hayne*
Henry Kwaczynski
Jack Lynch
Peter Johnson*
Robin Klitscher*
Sandy Main
Garry McCarthy*
Richard McLaren*
Michael Downs
Audie Moldre* ASASA
Paddy Sinclair*
Peter Schwarze ASASA
Terry Pinkerton*
Gary Rengers
Jim Roche*
Ron McMullen
Brian Senn ex RNZAF
Mike Danzenbaker
Phil Smith
Alan ‘Rooster’ Spiller
Steve and Vera Hartigan*
Mark ‘SYD’ Harbour*
Ted Creelman ex RNZAF
Trevor Thrupp*
Bob Trease
Bob Upham*
Ian Walters*
Wayne ‘Whisky’ Carter*
Rob Haylock
Heather Weekes*
Rick Holmes
John ‘Jock’ O’Keefe
Keith Jurd
Gary Lee
Richard Marmon
Barry McCutcheon*
Julie McPhail*
Colin Miller*
Trevor Moxham*
John Paule (JP)*
Phil Morrall*
Russ Pyers
Rick Ada*
Dennis Roles*
‘Noddy‘ Sawade
Terry Shanahan
Kerry Shipp
Neil Sperring*
Peter Spurgin
David ‘Sandbag’ Stewart*
Brian Taylor
Ted Graham FSF*
Bruce Townsend
Bob Trotter FSF*
Richard Waddy
Ken Webb
Graeme Wilson*
Terry ‘TC’ Wilson
Greg Weekes
Sandy Cluley
Peter Ryan
John Lunn
Mal Walker
Tony and Gill Lea
Roy Zegers*
Linda Bielby daughter of Alan Bielby, deceased*
Andy Plunkett
Ray Morrison
Des March
Peter Beath
Al and Lianne Adamson
Gary McFarlane*
Owen Cooke
Gordon Watt
Andrew Maitland*
Ted Maxwell

1. Commendation. Brian Dirou’s past organisational, research and planning endeavours together with his long – standing commitment as the No. 9 Squadron Association Inc. National Curator has been commendable. Most of Brian’s research and writing, including his comprehensive historical presentations for the Bowen, QLD and AWM Commemorations, is intrinsic to this 9SA production/package.