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Matthew, Jachin & Josiah Dahlitz

Matthew (President of the AMAHA) is the son of 12SQN Wing Commander John Dahlitz, who, with his sons Jachin (Secretary of the AMAHA) and Josiah (AMAHA Committee Member), are on a mission to detail the history of RAAF squadrons in one, easy to access and navigate, website. Along with original and historical interviews, this project hopes to capture the legacy of Australian military aviation (including Army and Navy) for future generations.

In addition to Australian history, there is also a broad interest in military aviation history from around the world, and this interest is reflected in the many video essays produced.

Matthew and sons are documentary filmmakers (Perfekt Studios) living near Brisbane who started this project in 2019. They are looking for content by way of interviews, photos, film or video.

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AMAHA Charitable Purpose:

The Australian Military Aviation History digital museum and library is a not-for-profit association and has a range of charitable purposes:

  1. Preservation of Australian military aviation history and cultural heritage: our digital museum and library has been created to preserve and showcase RAAF, RAN Fleet Air Arm and Australian Army aviation photographic, audio and video artifacts, and cultural heritage from around the world. This will include anything from historical documents and photographs to art collections and archaeological artifacts. By digitizing these objects, the museum and library will ensure their preservation for future generations and make them accessible to a wider audience.
  2. Education: our digital museum and library will be used to educate people about a variety of Australian military aviation topics, such as the personnel, families, history, science, art, or culture. The museum and library can offer interactive exhibits, videos, and other multimedia content that engage visitors and provide them with a deeper understanding of Australian military aviation history and culture.
  3. Access: our digital museum and library will offer access to collections and exhibitions that may not be available in physical museum and libraries due to cost, geographic or other limitations. This can help democratise access to Australian military aviation history and cultural heritage and make it available to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to see it.
  4. Research: A digital museum and library can be a valuable resource for researchers, scholars, and students who are studying a particular subject. The museum and library can offer access to primary source materials, such as historical documents or scientific data, and provide a platform for sharing research findings and collaborating with others in the field.

Overall, our Australian military aviation history digital museum and library will be a powerful tool for promoting RAAF, RAN, and Australian Army history, cultural heritage, education, research, and advocacy, and can have a significant charitable impact on Australian society.

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