May 1968

Refurbishing the ‘Albert Ross’ (Albatross from the emblem of the 9 Squadron Crest) A leisure pontoon using fighter jet drop tanks for floats, helicopter seats, an Eski ice box, outboard motor surry sun cover over the top. Bell UH-1H Iroquois helicopter maintenance. Cleaning weapons after a practice shot by the Squadron NCOs. 11863 Sgt Trevor Reginald ‘Hack’ Murry, electric fitter, armourers 112843 LACs Neil Mervyn Timson and 317550 Robin Michael Giddings. 222146 LAC Mick Quibell, Electrical doing some painting. Helping hand – Rescue helicopter flying a downed helicopter back for repair maintenance. Our first gunship A2-773. Independent Inspectors at work. Aircraft lined up for the AOC’s visit (Air Officer Commanding Operational Command). Lino layers. One unserviceable RAAF UH-1H Helicopter. A2-769 with bent tail boon after a heavy landing. Party time Aussie Concert show Mick Quibell dancing. ‘Grave yard’ for destroyed US Forces aircraft. The welding shop-57672 LAC Wasyl ‘Baz’ Lukan Aircraft Welder. A2-1022 being loaded into Hercules Transport A97-190 for return to Australia. Damaged 35 Sqn RAAF Caribou from a heavy landing but main spar with engines removed, tail rudder and wings removed. The aircraft was returned to Australia on HMAS Sydney to be repaired and it continued to fly again.

Source: Australian War Memorial 7475304