Letters To and From Home
As the Vietnam War era preceded the existence of e-mailing and mobile phones with texting, writing and receiving letters from family and loved ones was exceedingly important particularly for the No. 9 Squadron personnel who were married.

FLTLT Ian Clark, GDPLT, RNZAF served with No. 9 SQN RAAF SVN during 1970 – 1971 and wrote many letters to his family in New Zealand. The No. 9 SQN Association is indebted to Ian and his family for allowing the 9SA to incorporate the Clark’s package of personal (amended) letters that were communicated during 1970 – 1971.

The Clark family’s contribution may well be unique (it is doubtful that a similar package with the same origins is in existence). Also, it is highly significant because the items cover the personal sentiments, observations and mention of specific events for a couple from another nation (NZ); he, a member of another Air Force (RNZAF) in a strange, remote country overseas (SVN) and flying with No. 9 SQN RAAF on combat helicopter operations during the Vietnam War.