As allies of Australia, the new Korean aircraft, KF-21, is an important consideration, as it will likely be part of allied integration programs in the region.

Thus far, the KF-21 looks promising as a native design for the South Koreans. Even though they are launching the aircraft without full multi-role capabilities – for a smaller country this still marks the beginning of an aerospace industry capable of competing at the highest international level.

The development of this aircraft serves as a lesson that small nations – (not the least of which being Australia) – can and should produce original aircraft domestically. During the second world war – under threat of Japanese invasion – Australia did indeed prove itself capable of developing its own aircraft. The current turbulent geopolitical environment should prompt policymakers toward sustainable domestic capabilities in terms of aircraft and ordnance production. It is easy to imagine the Australian continent isolated from allied supply lines. It has the resources to produce great, original military equipment, which would help secure the nation, bolster Australian industries, and open many more employment opportunities.  One can only hope that the South Korean KF-21 program might inspire Canberra along these lines.