Bob Upham, GDPLT re-arming a No. 9 SQN RAAF SVN ‘Bushranger’ gunship at Kanga Pad, Nui Dat in late 1970

Bob served in SVN with No. 9 SQN from21 January 1970 until 21 January 1971. He was a skilled ‘slick’ and gunship pilot, determined, highly respected and was valuable mentor for the less experienced aircrew.
Also, and unknown to most, he was a very keen and talented photographer who used flair and innovation in his works.

Author’s Note and 9SA Acknowledgement. Bob also took numerous photographs at the 2012 Commemoration, Reunion and ‘Welcome Home Huey 771’ event at RAAF Aviation Heritage Centre on RAAF Base Amberley and these can be viewed below. The 9SA acknowledges Bob’s support through his high quality contributions (SVN and subsequently); his efforts have significantly enhanced many aspects of the Albatross to Black Hawk History Project.

A selection of historical, quality photographs from Bob’s No. 9 SQN RAAF SVN tour is presented below.

2012 Commemoration , Reunion & Welcome Home Huey 771 event at RAAF Aviation Heritage Centre, RAAF Base Amberley

Other Photos by Bob Upham