9 Squadron South Vietnam 1966-1967

9 Squadron RAAF departure from Butterworth Malaysia to Vung Tau, South Vietnam 13 April 1966. Arrival at Vung Tau. Tent City. 34528 Douglas (Jock) Bowie exiting from the Ettamoogah Pub, Tent City. 110259 Don Hull at Tent City. Various 9 Squadron faces at Tent City. Early Australian flight line with 17416 Peter Denis Egan and 12037 Keith Gregory Kenafacke followed by some construction work and 217617 Kevin John Reilly filling a magazine. 221316 Wilfred Bruno (Billy) Huber servicing an Iroquois helicopter. US Chinook including an Iroquois on a winch. A pet squirrel bought down town. Some Vung Tau air traffic. Cape Jacques featuring the Back Beach with its US Club. Then sanding at the new Australian flight line. A56010 Brian Bucktin cutting hair. ‘Hot Tock’ (Barber). Here we make a supreme effort to get them all serviceable, eight at one time. Rip it apart A servicing. Precision turbine work. St Kilda wins the grand final 1966. Sky Crane utility including the winching of a Chinook. Life at Back Beach on our Sunday off including surfing and a farewell booze up with trailer full of cans and ice under a parachute. More surfing. 216981 Lawrence Lynch’s mustache and beach belles. Water skiing at the beach in front of the Australian villa, downtown Vung Tau. Lethargy truck to work. Wow cop the beaut new hangar! Brian Bucktin servicing an Iroquois. 315343 Charles I Buchanan at work. Close inspection of skids. 9 Squadron ferrying Noelene Batley to Nui Dat for a show, featuring 57049 Trevor James ‘Fred’ Monahan as a gunner. Joe Riches turning one of theirs (ie. overpainting US markings and reapplying RAAF on an Iroquois) into one of ours after we lost one. 221558 Victor Raymond (Blue) Jefferies refueling ‘Rumble Guts’. Charlie on the ‘Pill’ (Malaria tablet). Don Hull at Tent City. Christmas Eve 1966 at the Australian Villa, among other things note the mountain of beer cans. More ‘Back Beach Belles’. An Australian Concert Party Tour featuring Lorrae Desmond, Dinah Lee, Jacki De Paul (Jacqueline de Paul) Gus Mersey and others. Bang Bang (i.e. a practice shoot) at Back Beach. How not to strip an SLR (Self Loading Rifle). Australian Villa domestic help 314910 Geoffrey Fisher, others and Brian Bucktin. Captain Lunch Box in the hot seat. Director of Medical Services tour of Cam Ran Bay. 56589 Leon Sparkman’s evacuation from 36 Evacuation Hospital Vung Tau, as a result of contracting Hepatitis. The ‘Paulettes’, a Philippino female entertainment group ARVN. Rest and Recreation at Bangkok, Thailand. River Kwai tour on R&R.

Source: Australian War Memorial 4246693